Diversity in Dermatology
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Courses – Enduring Material

Hair Loss and Hair Trends in African American Females

  • Identify risk factors of hair loss in African American females
  • Understand the common diagnoses and treatment of hair loss in AA females
  • Understand hair trends in AA females and considerations in treatment
  • Discuss a practical clinical approach to managing a hair loss patient

Heather Woolery-Lloyd, MD

Laser in Skin of Color

  • Develop an approach in selecting appropriate lasers for skin of color
  • Understand risk factors that may affect treatment outcomes in skin of color
  • Understand which lasers may be utilized in patients with underlying conditions
  • Develop an awareness of possible adverse outcomes that may be associated with lasers in skin of color

Jeffrey Hsu, MD

Treating the Transgender Population with Isotretinoin

  • Understand the concerns that may arise in treatment of transgender patients with isotretinoin
  • Develop a treatment plan to minimize adverse effects and optimize outcome
  • Understand the approach to birth control options with the use of isotretinoin
  • Understand the approach to iPledge

Josh Zeichner, MD

Recognizing Skin Cancer and Melanoma in Patients of Color

  • Identify features that enhance early skin cancer and melanoma detection in patients of color
  • Understand risk factors that may increase skin cancer and melanoma in patients of color
  • Identify and understand how to access high-risk anatomical areas in patients of color
  • Identify potential areas of misdiagnosis in patients of color

George Cohen, MD

Unmasking Pigmentary Disorders

  • Understand common pigmentary disorders and develop a differential diagnosis
  • Develop and execute effective treatment plans and how to counsel patients appropriately for pigmentary disorders in skin of color
  • Identify pros and cons of the various treatment options for pigmentary disorders
  • Learn how to avoid and prevent pigmentary changes

Heather Woolery-Lloyd, MD

Genetic and Rare Skin Disorders You Won’t Want to Miss

  • Develop an understanding of common features/ clues that may suggest genetic or rare disorder
  • Understand what tests to order, where to send these tests, and who to refer or collaborate with when dealing with rare and genetic skin disorders
  • Familiarize yourself with genetic and rare skin disorders, the approach to these disorders, and potential treatment options
  • Understand the prevalence of these disorders in a diversified population

Ted Rosen, MD

How to Overcome Itch and Long-Term Skin Sequelae of Atopic Dermatitis

  • Define a treatment plan for patients presenting with uncontrolled pruritic atopic dermatitis
  • Develop a differential diagnosis for common mimics of atopic dermatitis when unresponsive to treatment, especially in the adult population
  • Understand how to avoid, prevent, and treat long-term sequelae of atopic dermatitis to include stubborn lichenification, pigmentary changes, scarring, and the psychosocial aspect of the disease.
  • Understand common co-morbidities seen in atopic dermatitis patients

Vivian Shi, MD, FAAD

The Use of Biologics and the Effects of Co-Morbidities in Psoriasis

  • Discuss the prevalence of co-morbidities in the psoriatic population
  • Review the currently commercially available biologic therapies and how they may impact psoriasis co-morbidities
  • Understand how psoriasis can affect rates of depression and how appropriate therapy can increase a patient’s quality of life
  • Review recommendations for monitoring a patient on biologic therapy with co-morbidities

John Koo, MD

Nicholas Brownstone, MD

The Future Approach to Pediatric Atopic Dermatitis

  • Understand the approach to the management of the pediatric patient with atopic dermatitis
  • Understand the evolving treatments in atopic dermatitis, including novel biologics and other topical and systemic therapies in development
  • Become familiar with the management of common side effects from current systemic treatment options
  • Develop appropriate dialog with the patient’s parents to set expectations, educate, and discuss the risks versus benefits of different treatment options

Pearl Kwong, MD

Is it Psoriasis?  Differentiating and Treatment for Pediatric Psoriasis Patients

  • Identify and understand clinical clues to diagnosing psoriasis in pediatric patients during the physical exam
  • Develop safe and effective treatment plans for psoriasis management in pediatric patients
  • Develop criteria for determining if and when systemic therapy is necessary for pediatric psoriasis patients and how to monitor for adverse events and assess risk factors for serious adverse events
  • Identify what other skin conditions can mimic pediatric psoriasis

Pearl Kwong, MD

Acne Updates in Skin of Color

  • Discuss current management guidelines and new therapies for acne
  • Discuss different presentations of acne and concerns in patients of color
  • Discuss differential diagnosis of acneiform lesions
  • Differentiate treatment protocols in skin of color

Emmy Graber, MD

Keloids:  To Cut or Not To Cut

  • Learn steps on how to avoid or minimize scars when performing procedures
  • Understand the process in the development of scar and keloid formation
  • Develop a stepwise approach in treating scars/ keloids
  • Understand the approach to treating and controlling acne keloidalis in skin of color
  • Discuss adjuvant therapies to enhance long term results

Hilary Baldwin, MD

Tropical Dermatology

  • Achieve an appreciation for the breadth of skin conditions that are unique to or frequently encountered in tropical areas.  
  • Improve knowledge base regarding differential diagnosis of commonly occurring tropical skin disorders. 
  • Understand the basic treatment methodologies for these commonly encountered tropical skin conditions.  
  • Understand the similarities between tropical skin conditions and those encountered during general dermatologic practice in the United States of America. 

Alix Charles, MD

How to Analyze Clinical Trial Results

  • Understand the importance of clinical research in dermatology
  • Understand how to set up a clinical research business
  • Understand how to manage a clinical research business successfully

Leon Kircik, MD

Success Beyond the Clinic

  • Understand the different roles and opportunities for PAs outside of clinical care
  • Learn the fundamentals necessary to beginning a new profession/career path
  • Learn the character traits that encourage a successful career path

Rob Casquejo, PA-C

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