SKINtegrative Series 2024

Why SKINtegrative?

Every year the American population is getting sicker and sicker. Despite major advances in science, technology and drug manufacturing, more people live with chronic disease than ever. The SKINtegrative series is your gateway to good health. In this series, you will learn valuable information about the hidden dangers in our everyday lives so that we can in turn use an integrative approach to get to the root cause of disease and educate our patients to help them live longer and healthier. We will discuss important and core practices such as: promoting proper nutrition, balancing gut-skin homeostasis, how to decrease stress and toxic load and so much more! While traditional medicine certainly has its place, there are so many other valid treatment options that you can utilize as a provider to encourage whole body health and well-being in your patient and yourself! With this series, you and your patients can start a journey to a better quality of life. Join us on the SKINtegrative road to wellness!